Joomla Development

We support full-cycle Joomla development services,from requirements gathering, architecture design, coding,to product maintenance and support.

Make a powerful enterprise level Joomla website

Joomla is popular open source management system which offers many advantages. This CMS platform includes, RSS feeds, blogs, polls, news flashes and many other useful features. These features will help in setting up a highly interactive websites that help to meet the modern world demands. With the support of large developer community, the Joomla open source strategies helps in managing large volumes of web content dynamically.

The core system of Joomla can be used for creating online software effectively and widely. Dhrumi has the team of skilled developers who can build many modules and extensions which fit into websites seamlessly.


Community Portals

Open Source Development has made extensive use of Joomla’s Community builder extension suite to develop community websites for clients. The solutions given enable the client’s administrators to maintain and manage their online user communities. The solutions developed by us provide the administrators with the flexibility to get customized user information during registration. Front-end users are provided the option to create profiles, upload them to the website and browse through other user profiles.

Online Shopping Applications

Dhrumi has developed various online store front for various clients using VirtueMart as one of the more popular shopping cart components available with Joomla!. The shopping cart solutions developed by Dhrumi provide the clients with robust applications that enable them to easily operate their storefront. The solution administrators can able to maintain and manage detailed product catalogs; and track and process online orders. The solutions also include search options for customers to browse through products and book orders online.

Online Image Galleries

Various online image galleries have been developed using the Image Gallery component of Joomla! This enables users to upload and add images to galleries across categories. The front-end users are provided with the option to browse through the galleries, post their comments on the images and rate images within a gallery.

Site Maps

The indexing component of Joomla! has been used to develop and integrate effective site maps, content indexes and visual maps. The developed solution enables our clients to showcase visual maps on their website. Administrators can define categories, by considering which users can navigate, zoom to specific areas within the map.

Corporate Websites

Open Source Development has developed a full range of websites for various corporate clients. We provided the clients with an online platform to share information about their services and products. The dynamic Joomla! based websites helps clients with an automated system to publish and manage content appearing on the website.

Online Magazines websites

Using Joomla! we have developed online editions for various magazines. The solutions enable the publishers to upload and showcase the articles easily that are available in their offline editions. Several components such as the Subscription Manager were integrated enabling website users to send in their subscriptions for the offline edition of the magazine. Our solutions provided publishers with an easy and effective mechanism to increase the reach of their magazines thereby leading to an increased subscriber base.

Micro-site Management websites

We used Joomla! to develop a micro-site management solution for our client. The solution enabled the client to offer its customers (various business companies) the option to register with them and create their individual micro-sites to advertise their services. Buyers can search and browse through the micro-sites and send in their queries


• Effective CMS
• Web Marketing
• Cost effective maintenance and up-gradation
• Attractive Design
• Multilingual
• Simple Installation
• Sophisticated Hierarchies
• Open Design Platform
• Easy To Update

Important features of Joomla

• Online editor (CMS support)
• Template customization facility
• User friendly
• Url Rewriting support
• Management of contacts with clients
• Online poll
• Multiple language support
• Multi user access
• Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris, and AIX
• Completely database driven site engines