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Keeping Everything Running

Website maintenance is an integral process for online businesses.

Maintaining an updated and current website will encourage your viewers to come back and visit your site more often. Website maintenance can include content edits, such as updating a biography, adding a news item or editing a form. Your website is your public image ! So to send out the right message about your brand, it is vital to keep your website up to date & professional looking.

Search engines have certain rules by which they rank sites, if your site fails to stay updated as per these rules, it will be lost in a sea of millions of websites up on the internet.

The Web Maintenance Plan Includes:

Domain Name Renewal – Renewal of your main domain name, if controlled by Your Practice Online.

Web Hosting – Hosting of your website and ensuring that the website is accessible round the clock.

Multiple Email Accounts – Setting up and hosting of your email accounts, including adding / deleting or editing of email accounts.

Our Website Maintenance Services Includes:

  • Making the homepage fresh for returning customers
  • Creating new pages to the website.
  • Enhancing pages of the website for search engines.
  • Revising the products pages with latest products.
  • Accumulating new vibrant features to the website.
  • Text rewriting and expansions, Updates to calendar or events.
  • Adding news bulletin or upcoming events, pictures, visuals, graphs and charts.

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